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Clayton Homes sold me a used mobile home that they had refurbished. One of the things they did was replace the water heater. unknown to me at the time, they had actually rigged a regular residential water heater instead of a closed-air mobile home water heater, which is not only illegal, but is extremely dangerous. They were trying to save time and money by cutting corners, which could have killed my entire family. Because of the way they rigged it and failed to install proper fresh air intake, there was not enough ventilation for proper combustion for the pilot light, which caused carbon monoxide gas to leak into my home. My husband and I suffered intermittent headaches and nausea, but far more serious, my son who was only 8 months old when we moved in, has recently been diagnosed with developmental disabilities. In addition, my dog has aged exponentially since we’ve lived there, growing multiple fatty tumors, losing her sight and hearing, and having elevated liver enzymes, which my vet confirms has been directly linked to long-term carbon monoxide poisoning. Clayton Homes response to all of this? Blame the victim – “Can you prove YOU didn’t do it?” They didn’t get permits for the work, they didn’t have an inspection completed afterwards, and that’s how they got it by. The small-town building inspector claims to know nothing, but judging by his attitude which was almost identical to Clayton’s, he probably goes to church with those criminals and they all sleep like babies at night.

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