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Complaint: Blandina Nkutha
Cell: [protected]
Work: [protected]
Date: 14/07/2019
Time: 11:22.46 am
Click card number: [protected]

I came to shop at your store on Sunday and on my way out a security employee, old man approached me and demanded my till slip.

I had never had this type of experience as a regular customer at your Clicks Killarney Branch.

To my shock and surprise I asked the security officer what the problem is and he rudely said its his right to search who he wants to search with agitated tone and very unprofessional, to show his authority to humiliate me more.He instructed the lady in the cosmetic department to come and search my hand bag, the lady did not appear to be a security officer as she was not wearing a security uniform and no name tag, to my surprise she pulled me to the corner and searched my bag, as she was instructed to do so, with the security standing next to her.I was so humiliated, victimized, abused and embarrassed by the two employees.

I feel the security officer abused his powers and undermined my integrity and must be reprimanded for this appalling behavior and was it in the lady’s job description to search, my bag?

Can this matter be attended to as a matter of urgency!

Blandina Nkutha

Found At: Clicks Retailers – security victimization and humiliation

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