Helpful! Thank you for never researching the truth ever! Thank you for putting our freedoms and killing Americans! That’s how I feel about your station! You are all liars and murderers Am I supposed to start wearing a Jewish star on my lapel!?
Where is the right to have privacy in your healthcare?
Where are my freedoms?
I have an auto immune disease and I cannot take a vaccine or flu shot.
My neurologist who is the head of the MS department here in my state told me over and over to not get any chemicals put in my body and that it can contribute to more symptoms. I was even told to get out all my mercury fillings, and not to have anymore children because symptoms could progress after pregnancy.

Now because people want power and control and money, now we have to be stuck with a vaccine, with chemicals put in our bodies whether we like it or not! What happened to our freedoms, with a virus that has a 99.8% survival rate!?

*I will be sure to SUE whoever pushes that on me and my right not to have any more chemicals put in my body.

I’m glad you allow mothers to murder their children because they have the phrase my body my choice. I didn’t know murdering another person was more legal than saying I don’t want chemicals shot into my body that nobody knows what’s going to happen, experiment, experiment experiment!

People here on earth will die of something, but to hide in our houses and completely lose our freedom is not living. Death is going to happen to all of us at sometime and we don’t know how. And those that die of disease or a virus, car accident, falling down the steps, in the wrong place at the wrong time etc. etc. I guess God is calling them home.
Life is a gift and for you and any government to control it all the time is not freedom.
Yes people should be safe and when there’s a virus they should be careful. But the start of this was to NOT overrun hospitals with patients and now after a year – schools are still closed, some businesses are closed or are gone, people have lost their lives from suicide, loneliness, and heartbreak because of the way our state was run during this horrible time.
We are not responsible for every single person in the world and make sure they’re always OK. You have people that still drink and drive, you still have people that don’t wear seatbelts, you have people that do stupid things and there are consequences but we can’t have government control every action we make that’s not what government was designed for.

Found At: CNN – Thank you for being so evil and helpful! Thank you for never researching the truth ever! Thank you for putting our freedoms and killing America!

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