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On 8 Nov 08, I bought a ‘Sharwoods Naan Bread 260g’ for $3.39 from Coles Casula. reciept # 1127 as I was hosting visitors in evening.
In the evening, when the guests had already seated at the dinner table, i was just about to open the Naan to heat when I discovered that there were fungas showing in the Naan. I became astonished and shocked to see fungas. I then discovered that the expiry of the product was 11/10/08. This means Coles Casula was selling expired product.
I became so embarrased in front of visitors as they were sitting at the dinner table expecting Naan to be served. From now, i can’t expect Coles product to be healthy and safe for consumption. This is a ripp-off…

Found At: Coles Supermarkets Australia – expired/fungas product

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