Colorado Technical University [CTU]

To whom it may concern,

I am a student that enrolled in CTU and I had a family emergency and had to withdraw in November 2020. I was scheduled to return back in January 2021 then I received a call in December 2020 stating that I was enrolled to return in December 2020, after I made arrangements to spend time with my family over the Christmas holidays. Being a new re-entry student it was not explained to me that I would be enrolled in December2020 to retake the orientation class in December. This is not the first issue I have had with CTU (Colorado Technical University) the first issue was given the wrong information concerning my student loan disbursement. My hopes is to speak to someone with authority that can look into these matters. I did pick this school because I felt it was best for my objective to receive my Masters in Healthcare Management. All the conversations that I have had is said to be recorded and I do wish them to be reviewed as proof of being misinformed on both occasions.


Phyllis Montgomery
1913 E. Lynne Lane
Phoenix, Arizona
Email: [protected]

Found At: Colorado Technical University [CTU] – Admission/financial aid

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