- Scam and fraud

I’m complaining against DCF because they took my kid’s beceause of an argument and and an overzealous cop that blew everything out of proportion and now the working is harassing me and my husband to go to counseling and to be mental evaluated and parenting classes when the kid’s aren’t home to prove we have learned anything by demonstrating for the worker that the classes are helping and further more we have been parent’s for six years without a problem. Our kid’s have already been abused in foster care by the separate foster parents me and my husband have photo’s for proof and are sick of the harassment we came back home with our kid’s to get the better health care not to neglect them nor to abuse them like DCF is accusing us of we don’t believe in violence at all.on top of everything they were taken from the greenfield office out of the wrong jurisdiction without court orders and without cops and the worker Katie Clegg Assault my husband with the door in his head and committed breaking and entering into my mom’s apartment where we were temporarily staying at the time.Me and my husband did invoke our rights as parents our ninth, tenth, and first amendment rights the tenth is the right to parent as see fit and the ninth is the same thing as well and the first our freedom of speech gets taken every time the worker talks with us on the phone or in our two bedroom apartment that she and her bosses claim we don’t live at and they look we are nuts like our work thinks as well. we would like this matter resolved as quickly as possible theses people have already caused my husband a heart attack and the worker Katie Clegg thinks all of this is funny. my name is Lynn Rodriguez My husbands is Armando Rodriguez.

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Found At: Commonwealth Of Massachusetts – Department of children and families

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