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I begin requesting due date changes in July on my account. I was told told by the 1st rep that it would be processed. I requested again in August when I learned it was not granted during collection calls after the 8th. The 2nd rep said a mistake was made and once the account is current I could request and receive this change to the 18th monthly. I paid the account in August and requested the change afterwards. Once again in September, I receive calls after the 8th because the requested was NOT submitted. The 3rd said it was due to a “system change”. He offered to waive late fees. I informed him I would pay by 9/25/20 including fees. I was giving the number to corporate. Customers can not speak to anyone without an extension. The rep I spoke to on 9/28/20 about this issue could not give me an extension. When I spoke with his manager and explained the situation, I learned that Conn’s reps have not completely documented each call and request. This challenges my credibility and allows them to continue to deny the request and rack up fees. It’s sad this company preys on their customers and would not be willing to resolve a simple issue with a paying customer. I’m glad I have documentation, evidence, and witness. I ended the call once I was deemed untruthful about the chain of events. However, it would be best to resolve on a smaller level.

Found At: Conn’s Home Plus – Billing practices

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