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Thank you for contacting Corel Customer Support. My name is Vinicius, and I have been assigned to your case.

As per your request we have reset the password of the Corel account under the email [protected] to Corel2022, I also must advise I did not find any Painter Product registered in this Corel account as you may see once you login at and click in Product status and Subscription there is no Painter registered yet, also in the same link you can create a new and personal password in the Account Password area.

Is there anything else I may help you with?

Best regards,

Vinicius Alves

Corel Customer Service

Europe and Latin America

Now that the password issue appears to be corrected, as I identified on previous emails, it now stops me cold as it insists that my licence number has already been used.

Dear Ken Brown,

Thank you for your order.

Below you will find your cleverbridge reference number for your purchase of Corel product(s). To ensure the most prompt and efficient service, please always refer to your reference number when contacting us.

Your cleverbridge reference number: [protected]

Payment information

Your credit card (xxxxxxxxxxxxx1653) has been successfully authorized. Please note that the charge on your credit card will appear as “CBA*COREL.”

Your products

Qty. Item Delivery


Painter 2021 (Windows)

English, Deutsch, Français, 日本語, 繁體中文

Electronic Download

Serial Number(s):


CorelPainter2021.exe – 64-bit (Windows)


File size: 1272 KB.

Your download link is valid until [protected].

Note: The date specified for this download link does not affect the validity of your license.

Your purchase documents

[protected] – Invoice

A PDF with the cleverbridge General Terms and Conditions can be found in the attachment to this email. The customer’s general terms and conditions do not apply. Further information on data processing

As you can see from the above, it is my licence number, and the date this all started.

Your Registered Products

Corel Products you own and have registered. Click here to register additional products.

Date Product Serial Number

2021-12-29 Corel Painter 2021 PF21R22-3JFA2WR-3UQF2S2-MRZCRRN

2021-11-20 VideoStudio Ultimate 2021 VU24R22-KYHFYKU-SURJFB7-HJZ3HA4

2021-08-12 AfterShot 3 Standard AL03R22-NH6R7RG-PGLRRPX-X3LP23Q

2021-08-12 Corel PaintShop Pro 2022 – Ultimate TU24U22-4UL6YA3-P3N26VM-UBWNK5J

2021-08-11 Corel PhotoMirage Express 1 TE01R22-JA78L5D-UNSZRKH-3NCNL6Y

2021-08-04 PaintShop Pro 2022 Ultimate Upgrade TU24U22-4UL6YA3-P3N26VM-UBWNK5J

2020-12-08 AfterShot 3 PRO AC03U22-ULKL9SH-3PE6VVC-C3KXS8N

2020-12-05 Painter Essentials 7 PE07R22-RLWK7M5-D9AWGS5-RHEVN5Y

2020-12-04 AfterShot Pro 3 Upgrade AC03U22-ULKL9SH-3PE6VVC-C3KXS8N

2020-11-21 AfterShot 3 Standard AL03R22-D7BLB2N-6JW5QN4-DT7XDGE

2020-11-20 Corel PaintShop Pro 2021 – Ultimate TU23U22-3KPD7L5-79R3JK4-BL4Y8UE

2020-04-26 Painter Essentials 6 PE06R22-F5Q6HA2-NQXEFD9-PQ4XXRC

2019-01-25 Corel PhotoMirage Express 1 TE01R22-VMRECGY-R4H27X6-JV7TWGW

2019-01-25 Corel PaintShop Pro 2019 – Ultimate TU21R22-ZKQ73K2-TEZ7A8A-AB6VA78

2019-01-25 PaintShop Pro 2019 Ultimate ESD TU21R22-ZKQ73K2-TEZ7A8A-AB6VA78

2017-11-23 Corel PaintShop Pro 2018 – Ultimate TU20U22-G2Z6AVT-JMR3FKL-VW8BGN8

2017-11-23 PaintShop Pro 2018 Ultimate ESD Upgrade TU20U22-G2Z6AVT-JMR3FKL-VW8BGN8

2017-01-09 AfterShot 3 Standard AL03R22-YXLBHCH-7FGN8LF-P6ZYXLA

2016-12-26 Corel PaintShop Pro X9 TS19R22-SBHRU8A-4JQAMG9-7NDNUZJ

2016-12-26 PaintShop Pro X9 Ultimate ESD ML Global TS19R22-SBHRU8A-4JQAMG9-7NDNUZJ

2015-07-17 Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X7 TS17U22-76Q36J4-7DF4YDJ-Z7ZAUR4

2015-07-16 PaintShop Pro X7 Ultimate ESD ML Global Upgrade TS17U22-76Q36J4-7DF4YDJ-Z7ZAUR4

Click here to register additional products.

You wll see above that the tech said they didn’t find a registered Painter when the looked at the account. I am from Canada I get my list from a different server than theirs in “Europe and Latin America”. I wondered why I was shifted to that group?

the tech that I spoke to last on this issue was very confident that once the password problem was resolved that the problem with the fact that that it indicates that my licence number was used before was an easy fix.

I sincerely hope that he was correct and after five frustrating months that I will soon be able to use my Painter application.

Found At: Corel – Purchased 2021 painter october 5th 2021 dispite all efforts I still can’t access it

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