Coricraft has neglected to inform or disclose any information regarding my order and has not honoured its terms in regard to the supply of goods and services on specified dates, times and other particulars.
After many follow up requests, after 8 weeks I asked if my couch is ready, and they had no idea as to why is is so delayed. on the 21st June when the supposed 10 weeks was up Coricraft later stated that they did not have fabric to manufacture the couch in the specified time, and that my couch would only be ready in July (More than 12weeks after paid my deposit) which I think is over selling of goods or services in excess of their actual capacity, which resulted in delays of over 10weeks. I requested to cancel my order and get 100% refund. they called me a couple times to try and negotiate to keep my order active by offering me free delivery and said the couch will now be ready in a week. I declined all offers and requested to cancel my order as I could not believe another lie of theirs. after submitting my refund forms, they continued to stall the process by asking if I am 100% sure I want to cancel as I would have to forfeit my place on the waiting list. Coricraft has held my deposit of R10 372.00 Since – 21/04/16 (66 days at the time of writing this). I submitted my request fr a refund on the 21/06/2021, which they state will take 7 days to process my refund. This act of business if unfair to the consumer and bodes unfair to competitors who can deliver on time. Coricraft is conducting business that wastes the time of the consumer who loses interest on funds, as well as not disclosing any information to the consumer about delays or progress of orders which could impact the final decision of the consumer. Coricraft has little to none when it comes to great customer service. I have researched, and found that there are thousands of unhappy customers just like me. this leads me to think how a company with such a rotten core can still be in business.

Found At: Coricraft – Misleading and deceptive promises as well as bad service delivery

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