Product item :Vine tomato/21020
has a label states non-gmo
On 11/11/20, at approximately 10:31 am, purchased the above item where it is sold as NON-GMO which in reality it is not. The pallet over 200 boxes of these tomatoes are sold as non-gmo which is sold under false advertisement.

This product is sold unlabeled which resembles to be all the same as a non-gmo tomatoes. However, when I approached a supervisor named David at the Norwalk store, he told me that they forgot to label them which is incorrect the product (box) of tomatoes I was taking was the only one labeled USA product non gmo and the other boxes a pallet over 200 which were non-gmo labeled product from Mexico where being sold for the same price as a non-gmo product.
When the Supervisor was informed, because I am Latin he said okay and made no other reference to it or resolution. I felt so disrespected and had I been white, this supervisor would have paid close attention to what I was trying to tell him. His response was so which one will you be taking.
I told him you cant sell product that is not non-gmo for the same price as a non gmo product, it is higher price. This supervisor brushed me off and continued about his business.
It is very disappointing to purchase an item under false advertisement and over priced. I hope you take care consideration and look into this matter not only did I feel very offended and discriminated. This supervisor made me feel because I am of a different ethnicity my word had no weight as he brushed me off. I fee offended and discontent as to how many people have been charge an item that is over priced.
Cashier caroline #106; I have the receipt but do not know if you will post this. You can reach me at [protected].

Found At: Costco – Product

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