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I’ve purchased a sofa from courts megastore on 10th Nov, delivery was set to be on the 13th Dec. Sales rep said that delivery cost $30, and disposal of old sofa is possible. Paid 10% of total bill at the cashier, WHICH cashier accepted. Got a call on the 10th night saying I have to pay 40% of the total bill in order for the product to process. Why did your cashier only accept 10%? is the customer supposed to know the company sales protocol?

I was instructed to pay the remaining necessary ASAP, and so I did. I went down to Courts at Lot one the next day, 11th Nov, to pay more of the balance as instructed and was told by the same sales rep that very night that delivery date has been pushed to 17th Dec.

Yet on the 16th Dec night after 8pm, sales rep called and said it will be late. At this point I was a bit furious, why couldn’t I be informed earlier? Do note that 16th Dec is a Sunday, and 17th Dec was a Monday. So only on 16th Dec night, 1 day before the actual delivery date, does the company check whether the customer’s product has arrived and whether it is ready to be delivered? I took a leave for 17th Dec, and on the 16th Dec it is a weekend, and there was nothing I can do to change or reallocate my leave.

Rescheduled it to the 24th Dec Monday 2-5pm, delivery called to ask if it’s possible to push to 6pm and I agreed. Delivery called AGAIN to push back to 630pm, and once again I AGREED. Yet till 730pm delivery has not arrived and I had to call the sales rep to ask what is going on. Sales said it is Christmas eve, is on off and needs to make a few calls to find out what happened. But as much as this is Christmas eve for you, it is the same for me too. I had a dinner to attend, I took time out, or rather I took a half day leave to come home early so I can be home from 2-5pm window, and yet till 730pm I had no updates whatsoever. By the time the delivery guys came, which was around 9PM, I was already out for my appointments and so I told the sales to reschedule the delivery, and we needed to discuss what kind of compensation would be offered cause at this point, things were already ridiculous. During the phone call, sales rep pointed out to me that even if I were to set the delivery time at 5-9pm on any day, there IS A CHANCE that the delivery will be late and reach after 10pm, due to busy schedules and seek my understanding. At this point I am really puzzled, are you trying to tell me any of the delivery COULD be late, and it is not their fault? That statement is like saying you get a free pass for sending late deliveries. Why not just set the delivery time to be 5pm ONWARDS then? And does that statement also mean, customers should just wait patiently at home for the delivery to arrive, even if there’s no update whatsoever, because there IS A CHANCE that the delivery will be late due to a busy schedule, and that all customers should be understanding towards this particular matter?

Rescheduled again to 28th 11-2pm, with the agreement of waiving of delivery fee and compensation, in forms of vouchers. On the actual day of delivery, I found out delivery man was not gonna disposed my old sofa and I need to head down to courts megastore after delivery has been done to show my invoice so as to claim my voucher. Delivery said it is not written in his instruction to dispose my old sofa. I am really confused as on the date I made the purchased, I paid $30 for delivery and disposal. So once again it is my fault, that disposal was not written down in the invoice? Or was the sales rep confused as to my need for disposal? She was just informing me that disposal was available?

Prior to this successful delivery, we had quite a number of phone calls, and also text on whatsapp. And on 27th Dec, sales rep sent me this text:

“Mr *** my manager has actually told our delivery team to resend to you tmr Dec 28th, 11 to 2pm. Ok?

Reappeal for $200
My manager has agreed to this amount, in voucher form, to be given after delivery completed.”

So without consulting or asking if I am available on 28th, you gave instructions to your delivery team, are you pressuring me to accept the delivery on 28th? Fine, I agreed to 28th cause I didn’t want to delay this any longer and drag onto the next year. HOWEVER, after the completion of the delivery, I realised the delivery team does not have the voucher with them. So I called the sales rep, and the reply I got was, I needed to go down to megastore with the invoice to redeem it. I asked, why wasn’t this pointed out to me, guess what, to my amazement, the sales rep said “You didn’t ask me about how to receieve the voucher either?” Adding on sales rep said, “Please stop squeezing me so much”

WOW! So as a customer, I’m supposed to ask and be aware of all your protocols? That is a customer’s responsibility? And if I didn’t enquire enough, it is my own disadvantage and if I pursue, I am “squeezing” the sales rep, I am giving too much trouble, I am being demanding? WOW this is the first time I’ve come across such customer service, what an eye opener.

Sales rep has not been helpful, giving last-minute notification that 1st delivery will be late, and said I have never asked how to redeem the voucher or where, so now that I have rescheduled the delivery 2 times from the original date, and it is not even my fault, I still have to go down to megastore to redeem the vouchers? Sales rep refused to put me in contact with a manager, and towards the end is rude, saying I have never asked how to get the compensation voucher. She has never informed me of any progress update or necessary information regarding compensation and etc, so is the customer supposed to be very proactive in finding out what are the protocols your sales rep are operating by?

Till now, I have not been put in contact with anyone else, no supervisor, no manager whatsoever. Your only hotline, [protected] is not helpful at all. It is automated and gets me no where. Your facebook helpdesk is not replying as well. Hence I found this platform and hopefully I can have your attention. I supposed I am being proactive customer now, so please, get back to me cause I AM ASKING QUESTIONS NOW.

Please get back to me cause this is ridiculous.
And not just via email, I need to speak to someone that is in charge, your sales rep brushes me off by saying it’s a different manager on shift every time I ask to speak to the manager, this is unacceptable.

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