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I am James here, Im writing this on behalf of my Wife which the account is under as we facing difficulty of paying the bill under courts account for the past 4 months as My Wife just gave birth and there is unforeseen complications that happened which really drains out our financial means. I understand that I have own a outstanding amount under courts. I received a call on the 4/9/19 from one of your lawyer asking to settle the amount within 2 days otherwise legal action will be taken and I told him about our situation and I will try my best to make the payment if possible but need more time and he said to do whatever I can. Then the following day, another guy claiming that he is directly from courts called me and said that another lawyer letter was sent out on the day itself and I have 2 days to settle it. I explained to him my situation and as the time of talking to him, my Son was also admitted in the hospital which require money as well and I told him that we will try our best to settle but need more time. The guy that attended to me is not willing to help me on the payment issue and Said that if within 2 days no payment is make, they will take legal action. I really hope you can understand how Our situation right now and I know I make a mistake by defaulting but I’m willing to settle this that is within my means instead of going around to borrowing more money to pay this which is just adding more financial burden to me and my Wife or by legal means. As of yesterday, 9/9/19, we received another lawyer letter sent to our house and both me and my Wife is so stress about how to settle this outstanding and I’m scare that my Wife could get into post natal depression due to this issue. Currently I’m the only one supporting my family for this period of time. Hope you can seriously look into this case. now I have no choice but to write in here and also will try my best to see how to made the payment as soon as I can or maybe both parties is able to work out with a re-repayment plan or something that is within my means for this period of time to settle this issue Pls kindly get back to me on this issue Thank you my Hp number is [protected]

Mr James

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