Creation Watches

Order Number: [protected]
Date Ordered: Saturday 18 September, 2021

Before shipping, I received several emails asking for confirmation of my credit card and address.
Had this process been explained on the site, it would have been fine.
Instead, this appeared to be a phishing scam requiring additional contact to confirm its validity.

Then, according to the site US orders would be shipped free two day FedEx.
Instead, watch was shipped DHL from Singapore and I was charged $8.
When I had not received any shipping info, or the watch, after 8 business days I sent an email asking for information.
Instead of receiving any real help all I got was a email stating it has been shipped.

When I did get the watch, I found it was not the watch the site described or that I ordered.
The watch shown and described on the site has a white dial as I wanted.
However, the one shipped was the one with a ivory dial.

Finally, feedback I left on the site was deleted to prevent any negative reviews showing.

Based on the poor service and communication I have received so far, I am not going to waste my time trying to return the watch.
I do not believe I would ever see a refund or get the correct watch.

Found At: Creation Watches – Poor communication, shipping charges and wrong watch sent

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