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My fiance and I have had problems with Credit Acceptance since day one. After the first month, we were told that we were late on a payment when we were told by the “loan officer” that we were to be given a 15-day grace period. This had went on for a couple of months and at many points we were about to lose our vehicle. This past June, we had our vehicle repossessed by Missouri Repo Company and had it lost for about a week. When my father had paid the money on a Monday, we could not get our vehicle out till that week on Wednesday because the vehicle had already sent it on transit to an auction house in Earth City (by St. Louis). We called on a Tuesday to pick up our vehicle, but they had stated that they could not do anything because it was a Tuesday and that was their big auction day. When we had our vehicle paid, it should have been brought back to us, and instead, it was sent to an auction house. We had a key given to the repo officer, and when my fiance picked up the van, it had no key attached to it. Missouri Repo had kept the key, and we have eyewitness reports that the vehicle was driven out of our subdivision, not towed off. Now we have more fees attached to our account than was previously stated, they are charging us for the key that we had to get because the repo company had kept the key, saying “we didn’t get a key”, and more fees keep coming up. If anyone had any info that can help, please let us know, and if someone you love or pal around with has bad credit and is referred to Credit Acceptance, tell them to run away. They have screwed us and many hardworking Americans for a while now, and we don’t want anyone else to fall under them.

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