uses bait and switch tactics. They showed a ‘prepaid gratuity’ included for a cruise I recently booked with them. After comparison shopping across other sites, I decided that I would book with them (my first time) because this seemed like a good deal. I booked the cruise and received my cruise documentation, which stated that pre-paid gratuities were not included. I had even taken a screenshot of the page that shows the little ‘pre paid’ gratuity icon as proof. After inquiring why I didn’t have the pre-paid gratuitities, the rep said that for the price I paid, I wasn’t eligible. I hadn’t chosen the cheapest cabin available, which I could possibly understand. Regardless, be warned! They will show you that something is included but then after booking, you’ll find out that you really didn’t get a better deal after all.
I will not book with them again. I should have just booked with the cruise directly and not bothered with this aggravation.

Found At: – bait and switch tactics with pre-paid gratuities

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