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On February 9th I had my home re-piped by Cumming Plumbing in the process the workers Eddie and intern Geo made excessive holes that were not necessary in my wall for the copper pipes and burned boards while welding the pipes also damaging my upper frame board causing a crack from one end to the other. Lastly, they placed my water heater in an unsafe manner in my storage room. My first encounter was with Jesse Hernandez a crew supervisor who instead of trying to fix my boards after his crew members created the damage told me I had to buy the boards and he would then fix them. Because of this I called the office and was told to speak to Michael Determan who was the manager of the entire crew when I arrived at the Cumming Plumbing site Jesse Hernandez was also there Michael Determan agreed with me and told Jesse Hernandez to fix the boards but when he arrived, he only fixed one side and refused to fix the other side leaving the second board saying I would have to do it on my own. He also refused to fix the burnt boards or do anything to fix the water heater. Although Michael Determan came to look at the boards that needed repairs he became very angry after speaking to me about the position of my water lines to my vanity and told me after I asked him if they could be moved he was done hearing about it and stormed out of my home he even at one point told the crew to stop working because I was not satisfied later changing his mind after I told him to leave the he water lines the way they were. Both managers were very argumentative and intimidating toward me during their interactions with me which I did not appreciate and did not understand why they would treat customers this way. Because of this I was directed by the office to call Elain Lee the office manager to file a complaint after the job was done on February 16, 2022, she assured me she would investigate the issue which she never did and never returned my call about any of the issues. Instead, she said that a person named John Taylor was going to appear at my house to do an inspection, when he arrived on February 17, 2022, he refused to discuss any of my claims just like the other supervisors and said that there was nothing wrong with the work done then approximately fifteen minutes later he left my home without informing me of anything concerning the inspection. Because of this I had to call the Elaine Lee to see if the inspection was done and she then told me it was done and passed so not to worry about anything. I checked Pima County to verify who the person was because no one at Cumming Plumbing would give me any information when I finally located the person on the website it stated that Robert Chandler had completed the inspection., When I phoned him to verify it, he said that he did not do the inspection, so I called the supervisor and left a message to have him call me about the status that has no happed yet. The last person who I spoke to was Nancy Bonnet who asked for my payment of services on my home I explained that I would be paying but had a block because I did not want them to use any unauthorize money without my permission she then threatened to place a lien on my home if I did not pay. I told her I would release it as soon as I could, but I was at work at the time. She continued to be threatening saying I know all about you which I told her was very inappropriate when dealing with customers and that she was obviously basing her opinion about me by other intimidating supervisors at her business. While I spoke to many workers at this company Supervisors and even an office manager and financial managers, they all had the same answers regarding the process saying that they didn’t feel anything was done improperly. The company managers use intimidation to tell me what I could and couldn’t have regarding my water lines and the management in the office then covered up any wrongdoing and were only interested in receiving payment for my job using scare tactics such as holding liens on my home even when I had established funding through their company credit card Green Sky to pay. The owner Jake Cummings really needs to be informed about their workers quality of work and his supervisor need be retrained in the communication with each other and customers This company has no customer service, and I will not use their services in the future. The only use will be for the lines that they have already placed in my home if there are any issue leaks etc.

Found At: Cummings Plumbing – The complaint is due to damages of my home during copper re-piping of my homeu

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