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Melissa Bassinger Barnes, whatever her name is, and has changed her puppy mill business at least 3 times. I demanded a video of the pups with their [censored], That was my only concern, but looks like it should have been more because with the demand of that video, she said she had concerns about me. Purchasing a puppy for 1500.00, I want to see a video of the pups with their [censored]< and she says I wouldn’t be right for the puppy. Seriously, You are a puppy mill. I want to see in a video the pups and their [censored], and you say I am not a good fit. Wtf ever you thang. Do not buy from her. You can not pick up from her home, so you do not see where they come from, I wanted to see with the video< and you said no. Her contract you fill out is bs too, she doesn’t give a crap what you do with that puppy as long as she has her money. No video < of the entire breeding area, from outside to in, Do not support this person all they care about is the money.

Found At: Cutie Poo Pups Posh Puppy Love Havanese – No video

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