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Few days ago I picked my medicine and found out when I got home the medicine was not mine but it had my name on the bottle. This particular medicine was named Premarin and it’s a cancer medication. I returned to the store around midnight and confronted the pharmacist about the mix up. He apologized and that was the end of the situation. No if I hadn’t been alert about my medicines and had prior knowledge of how my medication looked I could have easily of used the drug. It could have killed me. I changed pharmacies and had been CVS free for about three years. It so happens that a couple of months ago I went to my dentist and had dental surgery. My dentist prescribed some medicine and being late at night I had no recourse but to have it from CVS. I began to go back into that CVS on a regular basis and yesterday I was in need of medicine. I called the pharmacist and requested to him that I needed my medicine refilled. His reply was that I needed to go to my doctor’s office and pick up a new script. I explained him that he knew me very well and there was no problem in filling the medicine without the script but he refused and the argument started to take a rude turn I was already filled with anger with the previous incident, that I decided to make him learn a lesson. I have filed a complaint against them.

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