Spoke to the pharmacist after she dispensed Generic Plavix. It was from Dr Reddy’s Lab in India. I usually bleed and bruise easily. Since this refill no bleeding from cuts. I am retired Vascular Surgeon who dealt with Plavix most of my life and I know everything about it. If you don’t bleed with full daily dose of Plavix, something wrong with medicine.
CVS pharmacist did not answer, told me to complain to the manufacturer.
I told her that, patency of stent remain dependent on potency of Plavix and its blood thinning effect, however she was not concerned.
Generic means, not placebo or sub-standard meds.
CVS review your policy, meds from Other countries are not good for us.
Someone there, resolve my ISSUE.

Found At: CVS – plavix, generic

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