CWI Maintenance

I was subbed out by this company, it’s the worst place in the world to ever do business with. They have the most unprofessional business platform I ever encountered. Negative language, refusal to pay. I had to threaten the owners of other companies with liens, just to get a response from CWI corporate. I mean it’s should be agaisnt the law for this company to even exist. I have 90 day invoice signed off by reputable companies such as; Walgreens, Lenscrafters, where works were performed. CWI has still not paid. It’s a scam, and somebody needs to be held responsible for the time lose and wages other companies invest, after being subs out through this company and never recieves compensation. They promise a 30- 45 day pay on invoices. I was constantly called and asked for updates on job completion. When Jobs is finally completed, they will not contact you again, until 5 days prior due date of previous invoices. If you refuse their work order, they will not pay you for worked performed previously. It’s like they punish you for not working for free. They are relatively small invoices, but small invoices is how small businesses grow. They are basically stealing from small businesses. The work I’ve done for this company is qualified, professional, workmanship. I’ve been in business over 25yrs and I have never encountered anything like this before in my life. Just read the reviews. Don’t take my word for it.

Found At: CWI Maintenance – subcontracted

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