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Funny how you guys can just straight up lie and say that Donnie McMillan (former President of Penguin Windows) is in no way affiliated with DaBella Exteriors. I used to work for both companies. How are you going to straight up lie as if it isn’t his company, and he’s not even an employee? There’s a reason why the company is in his wife’s name. She is Donnie’s puppet! Donnie is the man behind the curtain! I came to DaBella when I needed work. I only worked there for a few weeks before I could no longer stand how crooked the company is ran. I left on my own terms. It has been years since I quit. I just recently decided to Google the company, curious to see if the thousands of dollars that Donnie spends on “cleaning up” the flooded complaints on Google is working better for him than it did at Penguin. Looks like it is. I literally had to type in “DaBella Exteriors complaints” in order to stumble across this. Kudos, Donnie. I just had to add in my $0.02, as I just found it hilarious that you are literally typing about yourself not owning or working for the company you own. Classic Donnie! Hahaha! You sure are a hilarious piece of s%!+! I can tell you all first hand that Donnie IS the man who ran Penguin into the ground. Donnie is ALSO DEFINITELY the owner of DaBella, as his wife owns it on paper. And the last time I saw that dirtbag, he was inside the office at DaBella, as he was everyday, giving a pep talk to his canvassers, literally using the once upon a time success of Penguin Windows as an example of where he wants DaBella to be. Donnie will always make money though. These words won’t hurt his bank account. Once he can no longer control the complaints, he will change the name of the company. Then once he can no longer control the complaints under the new name, he will use bait and switch tactics to put money into the reincarnation of whatever the new name is, by running a different company under a the name of somebody else he’s close to. He will remain rich until the day he burns in hell. You will have to face God one day, Donnie. You can’t hide from that.

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