United Medical Center - negligence

I ordered Windsor Smith sandals on the 28th of December from a website called http://www.penrosewatergardens.co.uk and got something that didn’t even resemble the shoes I ordered. I have attached images of what I ordered vs what I received. It is a crime to falsely advertise a product. I have also contacted them via the website but have had no response. As you can see i’m very upset about this.

The shoes were shipped from China, not the uk like the website suggested. Details on the packaging state the phone number as [protected] and address as No.3 YUNXIAO Road GuangZhouShi GUANGDONG BaiYunQu China.

I don’t earn that much money and was really looking forward to receiving the shoes I should have. I paid nearly $100 AUD and got these ugly cheap looking shoes that don’t look anything like the ones I ordered. I am requesting a refund! Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Madeleine

Found At: DaiBo – shoes

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