Dairy Queen

Ok so I went to dairy with my mom this fine evening and I order a 6 dollar meal chicken strips a root beer and caramel sundae thru the drive thru my mom order a 6 dollar meal deluxe burger Pepsi and a caramel sundae when we got home from our 2 minute drive home for Dairy queen. We sat down to eat our drink lids hers said Pepsi and I mine said nothing so I drunk the one with nothing and she ha a drink of the other one but the one that she drank was root beer and mine was Pepsi also her was not filled all the way. Our fries were reheated in my mom bags she got all the napkins/salt/pepper and my dipping sauce. The guy didn’t close the bags to keep the heat in and we could hardly understand him he don’t speak English at all very well.. Another trip to dairy queen was me and my dad went to get blizzard I said to the girl medium Reese blizzard and small mini M&M blizzard and I got a medium Reese and a mini smarter. if there not sure why cant they ask or repeat the order even throw it was 2 thing still.. just saying thanks!…!

Found At: Dairy Queen – a visit to dq

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