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Genesis E&P, an Apparent, Oil and Gas Scam Ran by David Glass, a Christian Minister of Some Sort, living in Flower Mound, Texas, with His Wife, Christina, Intentionally, Targeting & Defrauding 18 Elderly and/or Military Veterans Out Of Over $1.5 Million?

Our investment funds, according to the U.S. Secret Service and FBI, were, apparently, obtained through criminal activity and deposited directly into, BBVA Compass Bank of Flower Mound, Texas, Account # [protected], and thus, laundered through, the bank and then, possibly, further laundered, possibly, through David and Christina Glass’ non-profit Christian Ministries, Striker Youth Sports, Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus and Angelsus.com.

David, a sworn Christian Believer and Businessman, apparently, lied to us and stole our money and now he is refusing to speak with us or to show how our money was spent! David Glass failed to drill many wells, but has never returned any money! He kept our money but continued to promise success up until he closed Genesis, after, allegedly, removing millions of his investors’ dollars to secret accounts, intended for David and His Family’s Use.

We have hired Colt Ledger & Associates, Inc. to explore recovering our funds and/or filing multiple Federal Criminal Fraud, i.e., wire fraud, mail fraud, elderly fraud, etc., etc., etc., and Money Laundering, ETC., David Glass. Colt Ledger has been, indirectly, responsible for 34 State and Federal criminal indictments. No one has been exonerated to date!

Moss, Tennessee -May 17, 2018

Colt Ledger, wants to know, “Could David Glass, who places, above all things, his “Christian” morality, integrity and beliefs, have fooled his family, his church, his friends, his community, his ministries and so easily and readily abandon his, “Christian values”, to allegedly, prey upon, primarily, elderly citizens, along with military veterans, from across this nation, for the express purpose of swindling them out of millions of dollars, expressly for the sole purpose of self-enrichment and, apparently, funding his ministries? We feel extremely confident that he could not have victimized so many people without his, at least, his wife’s, Christina, and others’ aid. “

“We currently represent only 18 victims who have lost over $1.5 million. It is estimated that Genesis has, at least, 200 plus clients, so we are talking about many millions of dollars and the high probability of multiple counts of criminal fraud and money laundering!”

“Colt Ledger & Associates, Inc. the nation’s only Private Investigation Firm, specializing in interstate Criminal Fraud and Money Laundering associated with Texas based oil and gas scams has been hired by 18 senior “victims”, to investigate, what appears to be, an alleged, but documented, well-funded and carefully plotted securities and criminal fraud and money laundering investment scam, carried out by David Glass, President of Genesis E&P, a Texas based oil and gas company. It should be noted, again, that although we believe we have sufficient documented evidence to move forward on an interstate multi-count criminal fraud and money laundering complaint, that everyone is presumed innocent until proven otherwise in a court of law.”

“As “irrefutable documentation” continues to mount, with the identification of more and more Genesis “victims”; Colt Ledger & Associates, Inc. has now turned its investigation to Glass’ known associates, involved in Genesis E&P, Strikers Youth Sports and/or Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus, something called or identified as Angelsus.com, Eddy Foster, Kelly Nutt, Ron “Bison” Moss (BRG Holdings), Christina Glass, Chezanne Robinson, Aubrey Tarkington, Matthew Jones, David Coen, Michael Luzder, William Rauhauser, Laura Rauhauser, Matt Jones, Dawn Jones, etc. “

Colt Ledger clarified the need to look at these other organizations, their leadership and their association with David Glass, in the following excerpts.

“First of all, the people named herein are part of the public record regarding Glass’ various activities and may not be directly involved, in any manner, in the transference/laundering of funds between organizations and/or within a specific organization. However, if you are associated with an individual that documents strongly suggest, many of these documents are signed by Glass, thus, they are irrefutable, that that individual is possibly involved in an alleged interstate fraud scheme, targeting the elderly, and involving money laundering, etc., then you would expect some level of scrutiny to be SOP.”

“The fact is that most of these people are probably not aware Davis Glass’ “alleged criminal enterprises”. Most normal and honest people do not realize how insidious these alleged crimes become when an individual/organization, obtains money from another individual/organization using alleged criminal activity, such as, elderly fraud, deception, wire fraud, mail fraud, etc., and deposits and/or co-mingles the criminally obtained money in their banking account/s. Such activity constitutes ‘money laundering’ and this has been the # 1 charge brought against those con artists that have been indicted and sent to prison. You are simply taking ‘illegally obtained money’ and putting it through a system to produce, what appears to be, ‘legal money’, i.e., ‘laundered money, according to the U.S. Secret Service. When you take the ‘laundered money’ out of that bank account, for whatever reason, you are committing one count of ‘the spending of laundered money’. When you deposit that ‘laundered money’, into your personal account or any other account, you are ‘tainting’ the new account and all the money in that account is considered ‘laundered’, because you cannot tell the old money from the new money. So, when you transfer ‘laundered money’, directly or indirectly, into other accounts it immediately ‘taints’ the new account and the ‘money laundering’ continues to spread. And the statute of limitation continues in effect for an additional 5 years, although, most people in this area of criminal investigation/prosecution will tell you the statute of limitation on money laundering is ‘Indefinite’.”

“Therefore, when, ‘money laundering’ is alleged, expected and/or documented, it is prudent and, just good common sense; to look into known organizations and associates, in which, in this instance, David and/or Christina Glass are officers or owners. Remember, if ‘laundered money’ is deposited into these other organizations, their funds, also, become ‘laundered’. “

“So, the immediate question, we are seeking an answer to, is, ‘Has David and/or Christina Glass ever made a “donation”, i.e., moved funds from outside of these organizations into these non-profit organizations?’ If they have, ‘Where did the money originate from, what accounts has it been deposited into and transferred through and how was it obtained from the individual who originally had it? It’s that simple! If this activity has occurred and the money came from criminal activity involving investment scams/frauds, then the answer is obvious!”

“Since we do not know who these people are, at these non-profit organizations, etc., or the nature of their association/relationship with Davis and/or Christina Glass and, based on the fact, that our clients want to know where their money went, everyone will be looked at, in as much depth, as possible, in an attempt to, include or exclude, each individual from the Federal Criminal Fraud and Money Laundering Complaint we will be filing.”

“Also, the people who are handling this money within these organizations may not even be aware that they could be possibly be ‘aiding and abetting’ in an interstate money laundering scheme. However, they should be made aware and warned to not be naïve or gullible, simply because they think they know the source of the funds!”
“Attorneys, for the individual/organization allegedly “laundering” their criminally derived funds, have challenged me on this point, and many others, several times, and all have failed, because “money laundering” and the “spending of laundered money” are so easy to document. If found guilty, this charge/s carries 5 years per occurrence! Think about how many checks you deposit compared to how many you write; one could easily be facing 100 plus years based on one deposit and multiple withdrawals!”

“And, finally, rest assured that we are not conjuring false allegations, activities and/or circumstances to build a baseless case against David Glass. There is no absolutely, no defamation, no slander, no libel, no extortion, no tortious interference, no conspiracy, no etc., etc., etc., involved in this action. Because, there is absolutely no need to engage in such frivolous activities when David Glass has personally provided us, primarily, with every single piece of irrefutable documentation, of his alleged illegal intentions and his illegal actions, he has furnished signed State and Federal documents, which prove he sold unregistered securities through “boiler room” thugs, who were not licensed to engage in such activities, along with alleged securities fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, theft, RICO, misappropriation/ embezzlement, money laundering, etc., etc., etc. He is engaged in the same activities that Federal and State law enforcement have turned into convictions and prison sentences, “

If you have had any contact with David or Christina Glass or any of their associates, businesses or ministries, etc., pro or con, contact us immediately.

Disclaimer from Colt Ledger & Associates, Inc., et. al.: All information presented herein is based on my opinion, which is based on years of experience, court decisions, working with state and federal law enforcement, materials and communication supplied to the potential investors, by Genesis E&P, David Glass and his “boiler room” thugs. Colt Ledger & Associates, Inc. has worked with Federal authorities for years involving various types of securities fraud and the alleged interstate criminal activities so often associated with Texas based “boiler rooms” and the cold calling of potential victims. In these types of investigations, Colt Ledger & Associates, Inc. is simply presenting its opinion based on court findings, including, specifically, our Kentucky Supreme Court ruling regarding our protected rights under the First Amendment, and, more recently, the Communications Decency Act, indictments as a result of our filings, plea bargains, prison sentencing and professional experience. All of our clients have been made acutely aware that we are not attorneys and we are not a substitute for an attorney. They have been advised to seek an attorney for all legal matters. Please note that no one herein has been charged or indicted and everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a legal forum. In addition, no attorney or law degree is required when filing criminal complaints. Any interference with the filing process, according to the FBI, can be considered obstruction of justice, extortion and/or suppression of evidence.

Found At: David Glass and Christina Glass, Flower Mound, Texas, Genesis E&P – targeting & defrauding 18 elderly and/or military veterans out of over $1.5 million via interstate oil and gas scams in

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