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We moved in to our new David home in September 2015. There were several fixable issues in the first six months. They included incomplete hurrican shutter install bolts, cracks in the garage floor slabs, dryer vent mesh not removed in construction causes my dryer to breakdown, loose tiles etc.

David Weekly fixed most of these visible issues within the first three months so when asked for a review we obliged positively. Customer Service was great for the first year after which it was a challange to get a call back even ones that were simple inquires. However we are now in year five of home ownership. We have poor yard drainage caused by construction elevation issues, roof leaks, rats in our attics due to unsealed exterior openings at roof joints and a/c hoses, two of three a/c units required major repair within two years of home purchase, rust on all exterior door handles and locks, windows installed upside down, slab cracks and more. By the way my wallet and its contents were stolen from my purse while I was visiting the construction site. The only people in the home with me were plumbing contract subs.

Needless to say we are no longer pleased with our home. We have spent thousands of dollars fixing issues that would not have been necessary had our home been built well.

We could not recommend David Weekly. Their product is expensive and inferior. BUYER BEWARE!

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