Del Taco

8/31/2017 7:41 – 8:02pm.

I want to let you know that you have lost a customer. I used to love del taco but not after today. I went through the drive through and as I got to the menu to order. A guy told me I would have to wait a few minutes, which is fine so I could decide my order. After 5 minutes of waiting to order and there only being two cars in front of me (who already ordered) and seeing that there were only 3 customers inside. I felt that this was ridiculous to wait this long to order but whatever I can wait.

Then I pull forward and there are again only two cars in front of me. I sat there and waited for 21 minutes before I was able to pull up to the window to get my food. I see that there are at least 5 people working and so I don’t understand how it took that long to fill an order of fish tacos, medium fries and a drink. I then ask why it took so long and the girl just says sorry and hands me my drink, food and receipt.

The only problem is that in the 21 minutes it took to fill my order, the girl couldn’t figure out how to put a lid on a freaking drink so it spills all over my interior, which now smells like Pibb. I get home to try and clean it up after soaking it up with a towel I got most of the Pibb out but it still was damp. Now I am going to have to shampoo it, which is waste of time and money.

Then after all the clean up attempts, I finally get to eat my meal, without a drink and guess what? My fries are ice cold and my tacos have the smallest piece of fish in each, also ice cold and just overall disgusting.

This is ridiculous and a waste of my evening and a waste of my money. Congrats on losing a customer.

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