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My document package was sent from penang, malaysia on 8/5/2018 for kyoto, japan with the assurance to receive it the next afternoon (may 9, 2018).

Since I received a text message at 18:44 from the japan office indicating that the package is scheduled for delivery on the 11th. I was rather shocked and frantic, and requested the sender shizue yotsukura to go to the penang store to confirm.

From the store, the sender was reassure that the package was on the way and will arrive japan on may 9, 2018 morning.

Still worried, I called the customer center in kl around 21:15 japan time, and was further reassured that the shipment was on the way to hk at that time, and reassured me again it will be delivered on may 9th 2018.
The customer service agent also confirmed my number and informed me that he will drop a email to the system for immediate delivery.

This is now 19:21 may 9th, 2018, and I have still yet to receive my time-sensitive document. Thus, I just called your kl customer service office again since the japan customer service office has closed. This time the agent has informed me that the document will arrive on the may 11th. As she was extremely rude. She initially said the may 11th is the delivery date, she then changed the explanation saying it will be delivered on the 10th. Moreover, the customer service agent then told me to call the japanese office since we have no control, as she claims. The package is added with extended liability, this means that this package should be “delivered on time” and “dhl is responsible until the package is delivered to the receiver.” she further says it is the weather issue, if this is the case all flights from your hong kong to japan should be delayed by weather no just the “dhl flight”. However, this seems not the case. So I do not understand what kind of service and liability dhl practices in business!

Dhl is suppose to be “excellence. Simply delivered”. But rather this is not the case at all, the service is falsely promised, and I have been lied to but both customer service agent. This is truly not what was promised.

This is a a very time sensitive document and is needed by today (may 9, 2018). I am suppose to fly with this document in hand tomorrow (may 10, 2018) at noon to the us.

This is terrible service, with no reliability!

I do not understand what is the value of dhl if you have worse service compared to the more cost-efficient ems run by the post office alone.

I truly will never use dhl again!

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