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I purchased a set of diamonds studs on 1/20/07 from di’s cozumel, mexico store at avenida rafael e. Melgar #131. The purchase price was $1,500.00 usd. When I got home I decided that I would like to upgrade the quality of my diamonds. The back of the original sales receipt clearly states that “you may receive a store credit on any jewelry purchased by you within 30 days of your purchase provided you return to di and ti the original receipt for the item purchased along with the item in its original condition”.

I contacted di customer service in nyc and spoke to joan m. To inform her that I would like to return the studs for store credit, to be used against the purchase of my upgraded studs via di’s online store.

On 1/29/07 joan faxed me a claim form. I completed the form, returned it to joan, and on 1/31/07 I received back from joan rma# cz-91-01-a3107. On 1/31/07 I sent the original diamond studs and original sales ticket, appraisal, and credit card receipts back to joan via usps registered mail tracking number ra460607023us. The package was received at di on 2/6/07 as per the usps.

On 2/7/07 joan called me and left me a message stating that she would not process my store credit unless I provided her with an “egl certificate” on the stones I had returned. This “egl certificate” was never provided to me by the di cozumel sales staff when I made my original purchase, was never requested from me previously by joan, and is not listed as a requirement in any of joans return/shipping instructions. Furthermore, as per di’s own website, the new pair of upgraded studs that I intend to purchase only comes with a “replacement value appraisal”… Not an egl certificate, which helps prove my suspicion that egl certificates are not part of di’s standard operating practice and that joan is using the certificate as an excuse to rip me off.

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