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Do yourself a favor and don’t have anything to do with these scammers – Jani Ghaffor AKA Jani GMoney AKA Jani G/Chuck Sterling/Digital River Inc/SWREG/CardQuery/PinYourIncome/Pin Cyclone.

In researching ways to profit with Pinterest, I came across a YouTube video of this Jani Ghaffor AKA Jani GMoney AKA Jani G character and ended up on his mailing list. Some time later (in September of 2012), I received an invitation to watch the webinar at this link: The invitation said the following:

‘We have just started the special Class where i’m going to show you a LIVE demo of me setting up a $36, 372 Pinterest Campaign.’ Of course it was not live but pre-recorded. I see the link is still active at this time.

The video is a solicitation to buy a completely useless software called Pin Cyclone.

In the first place, the video is very poorly produced and does a poor job of explaining how Pin Cyclone actually works and be forewarned that the grandiose claims of the kinds of profits you will supposedly have flooding into your accounts by putting it into action are nothing but hype.

I only bought into the offer because it supposedly came with a 60 day money back guarantee. If there were no money back guarantee, there is absolutely no way I would have done it. Having said that though, in retrospect, I have to admit it was still a very naive move on my part because a little research into ‘Pinterest marketing software’ would have been enough to realize that there are numerous alternatives available on the market which do exactly what Pin Cyclone purports to do – and more – but at a fraction of the absolutely exorbitant and ridiculous price these scammers are charging for it. My only defense is that desperate people do desperate things.

Be advised that Pin Cyclone is inferior glitchy software that will in no way meet the expectations created in the hyped up video so save yourself the time and trouble.

For the benefit of anyone who may not know, what a Pinterest marketing software should be able to do AT LEAST is automate the process of following other Pinterest users for specific keywords in your niche, repin the pins of other Pinterest users while at the same time ideally replacing the source URL of the pin with a target URL of your own (ie, repoint the pin to YOUR affiliate offer or sales page), comment on the pins of other Pinterest users in your niche and like the pins of other Pinterest users in your niche. That is the least you should be able to expect from any Pinterest marketing software.

A good Pinterest marketing software should simulate human behavior by randomizing actions, be able to use proxies, bypass CAPTCHA, be multithreaded, allow the speed of the actions it performs to be controlled, be able to customize comments, handle spintax, repin an entire board of another Pinterest member with a custom URL and descriptions attached to the pins, handle multiple Pinterest accounts at once and log all actions and results.

Pin Cyclone fails miserably on virtually all of the above. Please understand that I am not here to endorse any other software and will not invoke the name of any other Pinterest marketing software in this space. If you are reading this, it is probably because you somehow ended up receiving the same invitation I did to watch the video I referred to above.

Please view the attached graphics which are screenshots from the promotional video at

On no level did the software meet the expectations created by the video. Immediately upon downloading and opening the interface and trying to run it, it began to generate error messages such as can be observed in the screenshots. I opted to ‘continue’ but then absolutely nothing else would happen. As can be observed from the screenshots, there are 5 modules. The first 2 were completely dysfunctional and unusable. I messaged them about this on 9/28/12. Their response was not helpful in the least. Again and again, in trying to use either of the first 2 modules, I got that same error that can be seen in the attached screenshots. Each time I again opted to ‘continue’ and again absolutely nothing else would happen.

When I tried to follow up with them, they no longer responded to my messages. In the video, the scammer represents that ‘live one on one training’ is a part of the purchase as can be observed in the screenshot Pin Cyclone Training the top of which contains the words ‘What You’re Going to Get Today:’. Not only was no phone contact information ever provided (so there was no way to call them) but they completely stopped responding to my emails. This is not my idea of ‘live one on one training’.

Furthermore the software was supposed to be totally automated and the scammer says in the video ‘set it up once and it runs throughout the whole day’. Please see the attached screenshot Pin Cyclone the top of which contains the words ‘Recap Of How The Software Works & What This Will Do For You’. Nothing could be further from the truth. When trying to use the 3 moderately functional modules out of the 5 total, it crashed constantly. There was no way to leave it unattended. Each of the claims in the screenshots from the video were wildly exaggerated.

Furthermore the so-called training videos do not even coordinate with the software interface.

My first request for a refund under their 60 day risk free trial was 10/25/12 and was completely ignored.

In response to a second request, I received an email message on 11/9/12 saying:

‘You can download the NEW Pin Cyclone here

This is fully working – go ahead and use it :)’
My reply was:

‘Thank you all the same but at this point I would prefer to just reverse the charge.’

Please refer to Pin Cyclone MBG Part 1 which spells out ’60 day risk free trial’.

I see there are other complaints on /link removed/ about the company that did the processing of the payment which seems to operate alternatively by the names Digital River Inc, SWREG and CardQuery. I guess they use several different names to try to confuse the customer as to whom you are actually dealing with. I don’t know what the relationship is between the scammers and the payment processor but they seem to me to be all connected to the scam and it goes beyond just dysfunctional software.

Once I had requested a refund from Digital River Inc/SWREG/CardQuery, that should have been the end of it but, instead of reversing my payment, what they did was to keep referring the requests back to the scammers thereby offering them cover. Something else that indicates a scammy outfit is that in each of the communications with Digital River Inc/SWREG/CardQuery, none of the representatives ever uses a last name – only
Veronica M.
Customer Service
Email ID: [protected]’
for example.

It was very clear that the scammers were trying to run out the clock on the ’60 day risk free trial’ and were not going to voluntarily reverse the charge.

As of 11/15/12, there was still no reversal of the charge.

I had made the mistake of giving my personal phone number to them on the order form at and, within the next few weeks, my phone began to ring incessantly with unsolicited offers of home based businesses. I never gave anyone permission to divulge my personal phone number to anyone else and the calls began right after this Digital River Inc/SWREG/CardQuery/PinYourIncome/Pin Cyclone transaction. I would let the answering machine answer resulting in a ton of hang ups on the answering machine to the point that it became necessary to either pick up the calls if there were no way to identify the caller/origin of the call by the caller ID (which was usually the case) or to call back the caller to demand that they stop calling. I actually heard out a few of the home based business pitches and, unbelievably, upon checking at least 2 of the companies out with the BBB, they each had F ratings!

Please look at /link removed/ stores/swreg-dri-swreg-digi/swreg-dri-swreg-digital -ri-wd88y.htm. The same thing happened to me as described on this page. It was quite a while later when I received a call from the fraud department of my credit card’s issuing bank to let me know that there had been several unauthorized attempts to use my card and that they would therefore be cancelling the account and issuing a new card. Of course I cannot swear that this had anything to do with Digital River Inc/SWREG/CardQuery or for that matter with the PinYourIncome/Pin Cyclone scammers but it certainly fits the pattern. I have a number of active credit card accounts but the one I used for this transaction is the only one that I ended up hearing about from my issuing bank regarding several unauthorized attempts to use it.

I just recently revisited the payment page at 1 and I see that, unbelievably, they have raised the price of Pin Cyclone to an absurd $4997.00 AND I see that their money back guarantee has been shortened to only 30 days.

I can’t emphasize enough that this is a total scam. Even if the software has been updated and is now totally functional, it was overpriced by a magnitude of hundreds at the price of $997 that I paid for it and this new price of $4997.00 is beyond unconscionable. Again there are numerous alternative Pinterest marketing softwares available (which you can find by doing a search engine search) that are priced in the low to high double digits and which are capable of doing things any such software should be capable of doing as well as for example replacing the Pinterest source URL with a target URL of your own (ie, your affiliate offer or sales page) and handling multiple Pinterest accounts at once. What good is an overpriced Pinterest marketing software that cannot do at least that? Pin Cyclone cannot! Not only is there absolutely nothing that stands out about Pin Cyclone or makes it special in any way but I am here to tell you from having used it as well as having had the chance to try some other Pinterest marketing software since that it is garbage that does not even come with the basic functionality any such software should and others do for a fraction of the price. If you are new to Pinterest, you may not be able to relate to what is meant by pinning, repinning, commenting, etc. just yet and why it is important that a Pinterest marketing software should be capable of performing such actions as for example replacing the Pinterest source URL with a target URL of your own (ie, your affiliate offer or sales page) and handling multiple Pinterest accounts at once and this lack of experience is exactly what scammers like these guys hope to exploit.

I ended up having to open a dispute with my credit card’s issuing bank to have the $997 charge reversed. Anyone reading this should be aware of something called the Fair Credit Billing Act and the protection it affords to US credit consumers. Read up on it and be sure not to allow anyone to get away with either billing your credit card account without authorization or not rendering the service you were led to believe you could expect. My credit card issuer was very cooperative and the charge was reversed in my favor. I have no idea what happens in other countries though or to anyone foolish enough to make a payment by any method other than by credit card. Be aware too that Fair Credit Billing Act protection does not extend to debit card transactions either. I would hate to think what would happen to a victim of such a scam in a jurisdiction where something like the Fair Credit Billing Act is not a part of the body of law. I don’t know that other parts of the world have a Fair Credit Billing Act counterpart in place but I digress. Take heed of this account and have nothing to do with Jani Ghaffor AKA Jani GMoney AKA Jani G/Chuck Sterling/Digital River Inc/SWREG/CardQuery/PinYourIncome/Pin Cyclone.

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