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The company sent me a special promotion, which prompted me to place an order. “After” processing my order, Checks Unlimited bombarded me with emails claiming the offer was for new customers only; i.e., trying to get considerably more $$ from me. I knew I had never before placed an order with a company by this name … and, it was the company that initiated contact with me through a mailed flyer. However, after finally identifying the overseeing Better Business Bureau (BBB), I wrote to file a complaint, only to receive a stark reply noting the company is registered under many names, so I had no grounds for complaint. I elevated this to the head of that BBB … only to have her response to me be beyond rude. It seems Checks Unlimited is in bed with them, because her reply indicated it’s perfectly fine to pull the wool over customers heads by luring them with a great Offer using a different company name, and then badgering them after filling the order from the Offer, in an attempt to get more money. I gave up on BBB, but the company of many names finally left me alone after I cc’d them on a complaint filed at the national level. I am now afraid to place any mail or online order for checks; i.e., for fear it may be Checks Unlimited by another name. 🙁 Certainly, I am not surprised to see all of its LOW ratings. I just regret not having researched the company before allowing myself to be gamed into placing an order. Hopefully the person reading this is doing the prerequisite research.

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