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“follow the money….” is what many say. The department of veteran’s affairs’ (Va) pervasive attack on whistleblowers not only takes place at va hospitals, but also at benefits processing centers and now even involve support from so-called “non-profit” organizations, such as the disabled american veterans (Dav).

At the atlanta veterans benefits administration (Vba), a whistleblower alleges that her complaint (S) of discrimination and a hostile work environment involving not only va employees, but dav employees was and continues to be buried by the va.

One of the dav employees, according to the eeo and eeoc complaint (S) filed by this whistleblower, used facebook to post racist, bigoted, and hate speech; and, that this employee expressed his racist, bigoted, and hateful views/beliefs/etc.in ways that included his treatment of her; his influence on coworkers to file fabricated harassment complaint (S) against her; and, his fabricated/false testimony/statement to the va – which resulted in this whistleblower’s removal from the va.

The dav, is an alleged non-profit organization that benefits from a tax exempt status and federal financial assistance from the va (See page 3 of shannon v. Lardizzone, civil no. 06-522 gms. (D. Del. Jun. 11, 2008) and as such, is not allowed to commit acts that violate public policy – even in cases where an organization did not violate any federal statutes or state or local laws (I. E. Discrimination in the case of bob jones university v. United states, 639 f 2d 147 (4th cir. 1980).

Although the va received this whistleblower’s eeo complaint against the dav and under shannon v. Lardizzone, the va would have jurisdiction over processing this eeo complaint, the va remains silent as to whether or not it can accept the complaint/claims and has not assigned an investigator to process the formal eeo complaint.

It appears that the dav employee has removed some of the racist, bigoted, hateful, etc. Content on his facebook, but has posted additional material that would be construed as intolerant, racist, hateful, etc. – and this dav employee remains employed and undisciplined.

I believe that the dav’s actions to retain such an employee and turn a blind eye to discrimination, a hostile work environment, and fabricated/falsified complaints/testimony/statements used to oust a whistleblower is beyond disgusting; and, that the dav’s tax exempt status should be removed – along with any/all federal financial assistance it receives.

If you would like to see copies of the facebook postings and/or other information regarding/related to this written piece, you can go to youtube “https://youtu.be/K2eXVA2b6so”

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