I was couponing and an employee that was in normal clothes (no uniform) by the name of micki came to me and told me since I was penny shopping (which I wasn’t, I had my phone out scanning items making sure my digital coupons would work for the items before I got them to the register and than they wouldn’t work) that I needed to go to the register and check out and leave and I told her that I was couponing and not not penny shopping but she still told me to go check out. This is not a normal store I go to but my normal stores didn’t have the items in stock that I needed. Also she said I was in the store for 45 minutes and I was in there less than 20 minutes. My husband was in another part of the store shopping as well and he had his phone out and all she said to him was, can I help you? I feel like I targeted for couponing in a store that gives digital coupons for me to use. I rather go to dollar general because they give out more coupons than stores in walking distance to my house but if I am going to be harassed for having my phone out in store checking my digital coupons and making sure the coupon will work for my item than I will no longer go back to another dollar general. My local stores the employees are so nice.

Found At: Dollar General – Got harassed from an employee that wasn’t even wearing a store uniform

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