Dollar General

I am furious! I went to dollar general this evening around 7:30 pm. My fiance’and I had a cart full of things. As we were on the pet aisle looking at treats and toys for our 2 dogs we were approached by “the store manager”. A heavy set black woman. She did not have a name tag on. She said “I don’t know what you two got going on but you need to leave!” then she proceeds to look at me (I have a facemask on) and tells me “i’ve told you before to leave and not come back”. This was said in front of other customers. First off… This woman has never laid eyes on me and i’ve never seen her! To be accused like she did us was not right. The way she approached us was not right! I’ve never felt so humilated in my life! We had a cart full of items and we were not even finished shopping. I asked for her name and corporate number several times and she would not give it to me! This is unacceptable behavior for a manager! She needs retraining to say the least. We left the cart and went to a different dollar general and spent our money. But to be honest with you, I don’t think we will be shopping with dollar general again. It’s not worth the humility. The stores address is 3100 stantonsburg road greenville nc 27834. Like I said she refused to give me her name or corporate number. Also i’ve included a picture of the receipt showing the money we spent after leaving that store.

Found At: Dollar General – Store manager

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