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ATTN: Mr Philbin:
I was terminated by Jonathan Fisher after he falsely accused me of working off the clock. I understand I can’t get my job back or receive my unemployment or get my sick pay. I don’t agree with it but I know this company will believe him just because he is your dm. It doesn’t mean he’s honest or that he isn’t breaking policy rules. Since I have no reason to defend this store or the people that work there, there’s a few things you should know. Your asst mgr has been pocketing money that is over from the deposits. She also adds her own money if her till isn’t even. There is a witness who was there that will verify this. Carmen Peralta also saw Toni Fiero do this on video but didn’t report it. Carmen also told the former ops mgr she couldn’t believe how many policy rules she was breaking. The ops mgr quit not to long after that because of back problems and because she didn’t want to get blamed for things she didn’t do. She also knew Carmen had hired family and had them working in the same store. She didn’t say anything because she had nothing to do with who was hired. Time edits are supposed to be signed by the person whos time is being edited yet I never signed anything. I don’t know how many hours were removed from my time and was not told how many either. We were also told at one of our meetings that if anyone in mgmt turned in their keys and abandoned their job, they would be fired with no chance of rehire, ever yet the merch mgr did just that and Jonathan called her back and transferred her to another store as a cashier. I get accused of something I didn’t do and Jonathan skips suspension and go for termination. Just because someone has a mgmt position doesn’t mean they’re honest. At this store mgmt are the ones breaking the rules and lying to cover their backs and firing the people who know too much about what’s going on at this store. I have had to inform this store about a previous manager that allowed two people to smoke heroin in the break room while she performed oral sex on them. Robert verified this after watching the video and let her go. You want to know what’s going on in your store but when someone tells you, you fire them. Let’s see if you turn the other way on these matters.

Found At: Dollar Tree – policy rules

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