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I work for Dollar Tree #02297 since March of 2014 I was an assistant manager. My complaint is with
Angela Huerta – the Freight Manager.
Recently I learned she has been talking to other associates within establishment of my personal doings to bring disrespect upon me.
In November 2018
The recent changes of delivery on truck procedures, Angela staffed three associates, this including myself, to unload truck & upon her request, it was to be as followed –
An Associate is in truck to lay cases,
While Angela helps in truck to lay cases with that associate while the truck driver is on pavement to keep cases off grounds for me to catch all cases from truck to be placed On palate. I expressed this isn’t fair nor productive and since I didn’t comply with her plan Angela stepped out of truck to help me unload but aggressively. I am 43 yrs old and in course of my employment at dollar tree I’m constantly told ‘they’ are gonna keep me young by working me.
Throughout the history of our working relationship I am spoke to in a rude tone sometimes over intercom during open hours while customers are shopping. I’m treated
poorly by the freight manager Angela when I do my best to assist productively, show up to work on time. I maintained for job security but I no longer could take it. Ive work her night shifts for years that she is suppose to work as freight manager
She says that’s what im hired for. I feel I’m expected to work above and beyond every time I’m there, when I try to direct cashiers for teamwork she stated I’m [censored]ing all the time
I brought matters to the store manager and
Was Promised it would get resolved
If Angela continued she’d receive a write up but Store and Freight managers are best friends who constantly work as a team and also spent their time outside work almost daily up Until recently they had personal issues amongst them two.
In past months I brought some concerns to the district manager Robert. I asked him to keep it confidential but he did not. Next time after I was scheduled, the store manager mentioned to me Robert told her what I said… treatment by both managers escalated. I went through my insurance to cope with these issues from A Coach to help guide me who advised they couldn’t talk about those matters no one took me serious for months, I was unable to reach out through the hotline, through HR, I couldn’t believe after all the sweat and hard work I’ve put into Dollar Tree just to be considered unimportant. In November 2018 I put in for a demotion for other job opportunities causing hardship for me. Angela Huerta needs to be removed from management, from Dollar Tree.
She has been stealing hours from the company and she gets promoted to have her own store which is opening soon to San Angelo.
Angela bullies the Store manager and revises the schedule constantly so it works around her personal lives not what’s best for the company.
I would consider staying on with Dollar Tree if Angela was no longer a part of the business.
Store manager asked me to stick with her til angela is gone and I could get promoted back as manager but after the fact of receiving a pay cut due to my demotion…?
Over the years Angela Huerta has been a horrible aspect to the company.

Found At: Dollar Tree – retaliation treatment

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