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I realize she has staffing issues, but she doesnt need to rely on a part time assistant manager ( my daughter) to over work herself and be exposed to covid-19. 2 employees had let the manager know on thursday 1-6-21 they had covid19, my daughter works with them and was not told previously they had been infected. On Friday, 1-7-21 Taylor was feeling sick, week had chills and fever so we went to the emergency room and given a covid test, which was negative, but she is still sick. The manager stated to come in anyway and work an hour late. Then then stated to work on her off day Saturday 1-8. My daughter was not able to because she is still sick with chills and fever. The manager of the store was upset because she didnt answer her phone ( at 7:30 am) nor get the message until after 9.00 am… On .Sunday 1-9-21 apparently the manager threw a tantrum and kept messaging my daughter to show up, stating she does not know what to do. Again explaining she has a flu whatever it is. Still has my daughter sick and unable to work, which is not unusual since its is only 2-3 days since onset.

I attempted contact with the manager to explain the situation she was causing and the manger tried to talk over me then hung up. I do not appreciate the lack of respect or communication, my daughter has a medical condition, colds, flu, and stress and anxiety and such wear down her stregnth and make her more likely to have seisures, which she has had at work previosuly. I dont believe the manager had her best interests in this situation.
I attempted to re call her but had to leave a voicemail stating such and we are going to visit her regular doctor on Monday to see what medically can be done with this virus or cold, or covid issue.

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