Dollar Tree

Today I went into the Clifton park store as I often do and every single time I go there it is nearly impossible to get to anything I am going there for. They have carts loaded with merchandise to be stocked, I went into this store for specific items and walked out with Nothing! Every thing I wanted I could not get too, the store is always a mess and while there the manager Cindy took a phone call and not in her office she was standing near the registers and it was clear the call was about the mess the store was in because this manager was actually yelling at this customer and after the call she made it clear to her clerks that she has been dealing with complete idiots today and that she had numerous complaints about the mess. I have attached some photos. I get that they have to stock shelves but no one in the store was doing anything about it and they had 1 register open with employees standing around with the manager talking about customers. I HAD all I could do from approaching this manager as I was afraid she would tell at me. I will not make any other trips to this store, it is a complete mess and poor customer service. Something needs to be done about this store
I have been in many of your stores and never have I seen a mess like this.

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