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Buyer Beware!, DominX, AKA – Black Label X, RLZ, Apache Formulas, Male Enhancement Formula, Freedom Formulas, DBA as RMK Fitness, Honey Love Essentials.

Ordered a free trial bottle of Energy Supplement DominXT – 11 days later my credit card was charged nearly $100. No refunds!

On 2/11/21, my credit card had an unauthorized charge of $97.73 from an unknown merchant RMK Fitness Market from New Mexico. Ten days earlier, I ordered a free trial of an energy supplement called DominXT. At no time did I see any mention of a merchant account named RMK Fitness or Honey Love Essentails located in Michigan on their order page or website.

As a matter of background, on 1/31, I clicked on a promotion for a free sample bottle of DominXT for just the cost of shipping and handling. In the shopping cart, S&H was shown to be$8.37. The company then offered a fitness book, to go with my order. After declining it the first time, the company counter offered to include the book for just shipping cost in the final order, which I then agreed to. The next day my credit card was charged 3 separate times by a merchant named Honey Love Essentials out of Michigan. The 3 charges were $9.93 and $6.84 and $8.37. I recognized two of the amounts but not the $6.84. I then contacted the company who claimed I also ordered a bottle of DominX, which I fully dispute. I asked that they refund the money for the bottle I didn’t order. They refused saying that technically the sample was free and that they don’t refund S&H.

On 2/8/21, my trial order arrived. It contained a bottle of DominXT and a bottle of DominX but no book or fitness magazine. Both product bottles look to be largely the same product in both ingredients and quantity. Only the MG amount was different (800mg vs 500mg). The ingredients also differed from their website.

I immediately contacted the company again, asking first about the missing book and then asking for a refund. They again refused any refunds, however they send me a link to download a PDF of their fitness book (no need for shipping cost then right?). Unfortunately, the PDF info was junk and not worth anything. I was clearly feeling scammed.

I inquired with the company (Apache Formulas AKA Freedom Formulas) if I happen to be set up for auto shipping of DominXT. There response indicated that I wasn’t. However, just in case, made sure to include in my email that they are hereby notified to cancel any and all future auto-shipments of any of their products and that I no longer wanted to receive any products from them . On 2/11, the company, using
yet another merhcant account name RMK Fitness (New Mexico), charged $97.73 to may credit card.

I contacted Apache Formulas AKA Freedom Formuals again about the unauthorized charge and they refused to refund my card and stated that they already shipped the product to me. This wasn’t true as I emailed them immediately when the charge occurred. Two days later I get a notice they shipped it. As of today, I am still only able to reach the company by email and they are refusing to refund my money. I have now canceled my credit card.

Looking closer at this company and this scam, I found that upon further investigation, it appears that this company is marketing the same product under multiple product names. I believe this product is being marketed as also known as Black Label X, RLZ, Male Enhancement Formulas, Dominator, and other merchant names as well. Some quick research and going through the various shopping carts of these sites, I can see many of the shopping cart/promo pages link back to someone named Charles Williams, MD who appears to be a product reviewer and endorsement. Note also that every one of these sites has manually edited terms of service at the bottom of the webpages. In some cases, the names in the TOS do not even match the promoted product. Some ads for DominXT, as found under Google Images, reveal upon clicking them, to take you to the same product having a different name. Example – click on a DominXT ad and you get Black Label X instead. I noted that the TOS also appears to note that the main company may be in Balize but is shipping out of warehouses here in the US. Locations in Tampa FL and Dallas TX.

Found At: – Unauthorized credit card charges; unethical sales practices

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