Shangri-la nail spa sign at choa chu Kang Ave 4 - Dishornest claims on Nair removal

The subject doctor is incompetent and lied. He took over a practice from a doctor who is terminally ill. Upon calling and finding out the previous dr. was no longer available, Dr. Flynn agreed to do a simple Botox injection exactly the same as the previous dr. and at the same price. Dr. Flynn admitted never having reviewed my medical file. (The doctor was made aware that this injection was to be administered prior to beginning a new career position that required moving out of town. He said it would take three days before I would notice results. Please keep in mind that I have had experience with Botox over 8 years and know what to expect as far as results.The Botox injection had absolutely no effect. He was on vacation when I called to report lack of results and said I wouldn’t actually see results until after 2 weeks – new time period now! He said I could come back in to see him after he returned at the end of July even though I was told by his staff that he would be back in a few days. He said he would re-do the injection only after being certain I would already have moved to another city. He also refused a refund and said he charged me appropriately for the Botox I got and the results I experienced. Apparently, if that were true, the charge shoul have been absolutely nothing. Incompetence and lack of professionalism are the best description of this doctor. If a doctor will rip you off for several hundred dollars, not stand behind it and allude that it’s the patient’s fault that a treatment didn’t work, can you imagine using that same doctor to do actual surgery? If a plastic surgeon can’t figure out how to do a simple Botox injection, what permanent damage would he do (and not stand behind it) if he attempted surgery?!? Maybe the rest of you have money to burn using incompetent, unprofessional plastic surgeons, but I certainly do not. Thank God I found out with a botched injection and not a botched surgery that would be permanently disfiguring.

Found At: Dr. William M Flynn – Incompetence and arrogance

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