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Based on an advertisement found in my newspaper’s coupon packet, I ordered a pair of slippers from this company’s website on Nov. 27, 2010. It was stated that delivery might take up to 4 weeks, but that most customers received their orders within 2-3 wks. Given the low price of the item and that I had not found any others where the soles were cushioned with memory foam, I was willing to be patient.

After placing the order, I noticed that I was charged a $1.50 “processing fee” on top of the $2.00 “handling fee.” (Shipping was said to be free.) This $1.50 fee was not shown or mentioned on the order form on the newspaper ad. I immediately wrote to their customer service dept. requesting that this fee be refunded. They complied, explaining:

“The $1.50 processing fee helps us to continue offering low prices, value premiums and other promotions. If you wish not to participate in this contribution, simply un-check the box located on the bottom of the first page on future orders.”

This ridiculous explanation sounds like a recipe for ripping off unsuspecting customers.

I then waited for my order to arrive, expecting to receive it by Christmas at the latest. It did not. After Christmas I wrote to their customer service dept. expressing my dissatisfaction and insisting that they use whatever means necessary to ship my order to me within 3 business days.

I later received an response informing me that the item was on backorder and that I could call them to cancel.

I did call. I was told that the restock was expected mid-January, and therefore it would be February before I could possibly receive it–this had not been mentioned in the email. I did cancel the order.


1. the unreasonably long shipping time I was expected to wait

2. the unexpected fee they attempted to charge me

3. the fact that I never received a notice that the item was on backorder and shipping would be delayed

…I want to go on record to complain in spite of the fact that I was able to receive a refund. Given the seasonal nature of this item, it will now be difficult to acquire a reasonable substitute.

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