“Deja Vu Du” Relocation Request Gone Wrong Twice in a row with Du
I’ve been a Du customer since I moved to Dubai 3 years ago.

Around February 2017 I relocated from one company accommodation to another. Taking advice from Du I put my relocation request through the nearest Du service centre 3 working days prior to the move. On the day of the move I called Du to follow up on the engineer visit. They had no record of the relocation request. It took about a week for Du to find and action the relocation request. I was explained that a rare technical error had led to the relocation request not being generated.

On 30th May 2018 I made an enquiry for a second relocation request. Again, to minimise downtime I was advised to book the relocation request 3 business days prior to the move. This I did on the 4th June. On the 7th June when we moved I contacted Du to double check. Again no record of the relocation request being actually generated could be found. Here I am on the 9th June and each day I call Du the best they can offer me an email to the technical team chasing the request and the hope that this team will contact me to book the engineer visit. It’s been 3 days of this so far…

From what I can gather -assuming everything goes ok in the store- the best you can hope for is that your relocation request is queued in someone’s inbox for them to then action and generate the actual engineer call out. It’s clear from my two experiences and the other messages here under the general title of “relocation request failures” that the technical team is either understaffed, undermotivated or poorly managed; probably a combination of all three.

In any event Du stores, are publicising a 3 day waiting time for relocation requests, when the reality is its taking the technical team a lot longer to pull their finger out. If you’re reading this and you have a choice – here’s my advice:
1. If you can, avoid Du; they just…well, Du Don’t (…do relocations very well)/
2. If you’re relocating put your request in early -once in contact with the technical team its probably easier to delay their visit then to try to get them to come “on time”.
3. Make sure you use an etisalat number for purchasing data while you’re without home internet, no need to reward poor customer service.

If you’re from Du then I’d appreciate a followup…you can call me on [protected]

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