Dubai Airports / Dubai International Airport

I got no response from Sixt company to my email to them for this big big issue I had

Date: March 17, 2020 at 8:21:12 AM GMT+4
To: Sixt Customer Relations
Subject: Re: Checkout 77359DXBP

I just returned the car at DXB airport on March 17th 2020

The embloyee who takes care of the return was not sitting inside he was busy on his phone for very long time, I had my flight delayed and rebooked because of him

He said bad words to my wife including the word [censored] while we were trying to tell him we have a flight and he was fighting with her where I need it to interfere and put a limit for this guy

I request full refund of this rental and deposit performed right away and this person should be investigated and fired.

A manager needs to respond to my email ASAP

my email is [protected]
phone: [protected]

Ahmed Alaqeel

Found At: Dubai Airports / Dubai International Airport – the employee said bad words to me and my wife

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