Duke Energy

Our power went out and when Duke arrive to assess the outage, they determined that it was an issue with the power lines before they arrived at our meter on the side of the house. The technician stated the problem was on their end and that they would send someone out to figure out how to fix it because the lines were underground. A duke technician came out to look at it and stated that he was not sure how they’re going to fix it, and that he said he was going to talk to his boss, Josh. Josh came out and I had my friend Rob Wells who was a building inspector meet him at the house. Josh and Rob came to the agreement that if the line was in conduit Duke would repair it, but if it wasn’t, we’ve been responsible for. Duke came out, dug a hole in the ground filled in back in without taking a picture or letting anyone see it and claim that the line was not in conduit. I dug that hole out to see what they were talking about but there were no lines to be found. We contacted Josh to see if you come out and show us where this Power line was. Josh said he was not going to come out and show us. I’ve reached out to his boss Clint but he is not returned my calls. I have dug multiple holes but still cannot find this power line. I’m hoping to find this power line, which should be in conduit because it goes under the driveway.

Found At: Duke Energy – Electric service

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