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On 02/02/10, my wife and I met at ECD with Harold Feldman and were introduced to the modular dormer product. Our preliminary estimate was $137, 985 for our project. On 03/19/10, we called ECD to learn that Mr. Feldman no longer worked for the company and we began to re-discuss our plans with David Marconi throughout April and May of 2010. We paid ECD a check in the sum of $3100 for the first set of architectural plans to be done on 04/29/10. The estimate changed numerous times between our original estimate from Harold and our estimates from David through 05/21/10. By 05/25/10 the estimate had increased to $151, 939. The only customer chosen options additional to the first estimate that could have increased this estimate were solid doors for $460.00, a small window in the bathroom, and a heated bathtub. There was clearly a disconnect between the items presented in the multiple estimates from 02/10 to 5/25 partially due to the change in employees representing the company. My wife and I spoke to Mr. Boerckel by phone on 05/25/10 regarding our concerns and he met at our house on 05/27/10. On 06/02/10, Mr. Boerckel emailed an updated contract for $147, 054 that we agreed to. On 06/03/10, Mr. Boerckel, and his architect, Anthony, came to our house for a second measure with a new employee, Ken. We were informed that David Marconi no longer worked for ECD. Anxious to begin our project, we issued two checks for $22058.10 and $2000.00 for a 15% deposit and a second set of plans. We were informed that the next step would be to go to the office to choose colors, siding, carpet, etc. Scott scheduled us to come in on 06/10/10. When we came to choose our colors, we were helped by the Receptionist, Rebecca Meyer who was clearly not qualified for this task as she was showing us marble when it was not actually offered. We approached Scott at this same meeting and he showed us the samples of what was included. We were extremely disappointed. At our initial appointment in February 2010 throughout June 2010, ECD had advertised Kohler, Mohawk, and Certainteed products to show us that we were getting the very best but did not explain that the products were not only outdated but the very low end of these popular brands. We were also told at this meeting that the second set of plans had not even been started because the architect was working on a large project which would throw our closing date of 07/01/2010 off with the bank and cause us to lose a considerable amount of money. Still dissatisfied, we met with Mr. Boerckel and Ken at the ECD office on 06/14/10 and cancelled the project and the contract. At this meeting, when asked, Mr. Boerckel admitted during the conversation that he wouldn’t have these products for his own home and offers them to keep the price down for the initial bids. Mr. Boerckel called our home on 06/16/10 to offer a resolution. His offer was to include an upgrade on the siding and fixtures for free but nothing else. We have received no money back although the construction on the modular dormer never even began nor were the second set of plans started. Our first set of plans were simply preliminary drawings, only a first draft, also not completed. We expect a refund of $27, 158.10. Due to miscommunication within the ECD company, verbal agreements and estimates were inconsistent to say the least. For three months, the estimates fluctuated due to these miscommunications and change in employment within the company. My wife and I began to distrust ECD due to the misrepresentation of the product selection and the constant confusion due to their seemingly disorganized ways. We were uncomfortable allowing ECD to remove the second story of our home. We were very happy that we made this decision in September (three months after cancellation) when we received an email from yet another employee asking us how our anticipated project was going because he noticed that we had been “shuffled around”.

Found At: East Coast Dormer Inc – Not trustworthy

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