PS4 black 500GB console with 2 controllers – FREE SHIPPING
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Sold on: 4 Apr Buyer: Trevor J Bennett
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I sold a Play Station 4 and two controllers to this person on Ebay. Everything was working perfectly just before sending. Unfortunately, during the shipping, something happened to the package and the console arrived broken at destination. One of the controller was also not working. My presumption is that the package received a big blow during shipping or something heavier was put on it and it got damaged.

I had to refund the buyer – which I totally agree as he doesn’t have to pay for something that is not working. The broken console has been sent back to me. Communciations have always been respectfull between me and the buyer in this process.

But, on the grand scheme of things, I ended up with a broken PS4 that I cannot play with or resell. In these cases, aren’t sellers protected in some sort of ways by Ebay/PayPal policies? If something accidently breaks during shipping, aren’t sellers supposed to be protected somehow? I wrote a lot of communication to Ebay to explain the situation as I hoped to get a certain amount of the sell that was concluded (and me ending up with a broken console), but the respresentatives refused to help. I have a 100% notation on Ebay, so I don’t have a reputation to send broken stuff to people.

A solution that could be faire in these circumstances could be an 200$ that Ebay sends to me. So on the 300$ CAN price I sold the PS4, I would get a part of it. The console could be sell again as “broken PS4 for pieces or repair” at 100$.

Thank you for your reading

Louis-Philippe Altamura

Found At: eBay – Sellers protection

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