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I am more than angry because of the incompetence and rudeness of the customer service reps. I have been charged with airtime of R399 per month since 2015 on my account which I have not authorized and it does not even go to my own cellphone number. The sales lady at the store refused to provide me with the number that is receiving the airtime on a monthly basis. Every year I am told its being processed bt no refund has been done until last month of November 2019 where only R399 was refunded into my account. I believe it’s fair to receive a FULL AMOUNT TO BE REIMBURSED to me since I have been paying for services I have never used nor authorized. I have never used my account to purchase cellphone nor airtime as I use it to purchase my children’s clothing during the winter n festive season only. If I still don’t hear anything by tomorrow, m definitely taking it further since it’s clear that I’m not a valued customer!

Found At: Edgars Fashion / Edcon – Unauthorized charges of airtime on my account

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