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I have Michael McKinney out of Racine, WI. as my financial advisor. First off I would like to make a report about how I was moved from my current advisor from Kenosha, WI where I live and then they moved me to Michael McKinney in Racine, WI. Where I do not live. I am always being called by him or other staff at all times of the day at which I have told them I work second shift and sleep mornings and am constantly getting woke up for stupid reasons that are not important. Next when I called and made an appointment to sell some of my stock, I set up an appointment with his secretary and she said that he would call me at 10:00 am. She called me later that day while I was at work and cannot take calls at that time but she left a message stating that he could not make that time and he was only avaliable for the afternoon. This 10:00 am appointment was set. When I contacted them the next day she repeated that he could not do it. I told her that I would make a complaint about this matter. I then called the main office and spoke to someone about this matter and she was able to handle the sale of my stock and was also able to transfer the money. I then received the phone call from michael mckinney at 10:00 am which I was told that he was not avaliable to make (how funny things change when you tell them that you are filing a compliant). I am very unhappy with him and want to be transferred closer to where I live. At this point in time I feel that my only option is to move from edward jones to another investment company because I am very disapointed with edward jones. This investment company should be working with all people, may it it be with investors with large amounts of stocks or small, this should not be the case. Get this service done correctly!

Found At: Edward Jones – Service with Michael McKinney

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