To fwstudio, thanks for the insult and your strong defence of EKM; you must be defending your salary, which I can understand in these times of crisis. Please allow me to respond to your comments and have the chance of returning the compliment.. let´s go back to the drawing board as you obviously have a need of it.

To make things clear, I LEFT EKM, true. WHY? Simply because the fee was too high for the services offered when compared to other companies, not because I could not afford their fee, that´s a plainly stupid comment from you and shows that either you do not think before writing or that you are plainly stupid, hopefuly the first option but, not as you did, I will let it for you and the readers to decide if you are the owner of the stupidity stick that you happily mention.

I, like anybody else, have all the right to compare the market and change suppliers if I find a better one. EKM are not particularly good, I thought that before all this mess, and compared to other choices they are also too expensive. When I left, they continued charging me for 4 months, and it took quite a lot of calls and messages to get them to refund the money. This on a montly basis fee without a fixed length contract, as they are so happy to say. That on its own should tell you the level of care of this company.

Yes, I left, BUT THEY HAD THE GRIP ON MY DOMAIN, AND WERE RESPONSIBLE OT IT. Instead of renewing as they perfectly could have done for a fee that we had discussed and were asked to do, they freed the domain after it had expired, making it impossible to the company I had chose to renew it. They had no problem in letting my domain expire, and risk it being bought by anybody after the period of grace, which would have meant that my company´s presence and name in the Internet would be totally lost. Also, all the money spent in business cards, headed paper, marketing in the Internet and magazines… all this would have been of no use at all, and we all know that they are no cheap.

If you really have a shop with them and not a payslip, simply imagine the possibility of losing it because of their acts. In the best of cases, they were absolute useless; in the worst of cases, they SIMPLY CHOSE NOT TO RENEW, PERFECTLY KNOWING THE CONSEQUENCES. And it seems that you think this is okay in itself, which makes me wonder if I would ever want to have any business contact with you… well, no wonder, answer is no. Please let me know the name of your shop to make sure that I do not buy anything from you, as obviously you defend having no morals and it is perfectly possible that you treat your customers like EKM do.

So, were is the defence for these people? Either they are useless and you can send them your stick, or they purposely provoked a major disruption, gain loss, and the possibilify of losing the identity of a company.


Found At: ekmPowershop – Destroying my Shop

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