El Monte RV

We paid for 5 days, but were told we cannot pick up the vehicle til after 1pm on the first day because it would not be ready yet. We showed up at 3pm, and they were still replacing a tire, told us it would take another 20 mins, we waited another 2.5 hours. This was the first sign that they did not value our time.
After our long weekend, we were 3 hrs into our 4.5 hr drive home when 2 back tires blew. We were told about their roadside assistance at pickup, so initially we were not concerned, we assumed help would be on the way promptly.
The initial phone call they told us we would receive a text with an ETA soon. Our family had stopped to help, but since we were told someone would be on the way soon, they went home.

5:34 first outgoing call to roadside assistance – 5 mins
6:09 outgoing to roadside assistance- 7 mins
6:18 outgoing to roadside assistance – 6 mins
6:26 incoming from tire place asking for location – 8 mins
7:22 outgoing to roadside assistance – 7 secs
7:23 outgoing to roadside assistance – 2 mins
7:34 outgoing to tire company – 13 mins
7:48 outgoing to roadside assistance – 1hr 22 mins
8:33 Text message saying service was canceled
8:36 outgoing 3 way call to tire company while on hold, tire company was now closed – 36 mins
9:12 outgoing to roadside assistance – 6 mins
9:18 outgoing to roadside assistance – 58 secs
9:20 outgoing to roadside assistance – 19 mins
9:45 outgoing to roadside assistance – 1 min
9:48 outgoing to roadside assistance – 43 secs
9:48 FIRST CALL BACK FROM ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE! (4 hours later) Asked for mileage, told us to hide the keys, said to get everything & everyone out of the RV. They were going to tow it. With NO resolution on how we were going to be able to get home with 5 adults, 4 children and 3 dogs. Ending the conversation with “Have a good night.” – 2 mins
10:16 incoming from tow truck company – 2 mins
10:18 outgoing panicked phone calls to friends & family til we found someone to help us

We were trapped in the middle of nowhere off US93. In the Nevada desert during summer, with monsoon storms all around us. Only 1 person having cell phone service. Vehicles driving passed us at 70mph + all night. We were all on edge.
It took us another few hours to get home. We had to call numerous people to find a way to get 12 of us home (INCLUDING CHILDREN AND DOGS), plus all of our gear. Sitting on the side of the highway in the pitch black of the night.
We arrived at home after 1:30am We were forced to throw away hundreds of dollars in food. Our relaxing camping vacation with family was ruined by the stride assistance.
We went to there in person as soon as they opened at 8am the next morning. They informed us that we could be held liable for the tires, and that they couldn’t close out our account until they received notification from the dealership on fault, mileage and generator hours.
The staff there did not offer any compensation, no apologies. In fact.. One of the employees felt the need to point out that we had used cuss words twice… Not taking into account the pure frustration and lack of sleep we had been experiencing from this entire situation.
We left after being told we would be called by noon, so they could speak with the dealership first. When they did call all they had to say is that our security deposit would be deposited back into our acct, but made sure to mention that WE should have been held liable for the tires. They claimed they needed to wait to get the mileage & generator hours from the dealership, but we actually received a phone call from that dealership asking us where we had hidden the keys, 2 hours after they had called us with their “resolution”. So clearly they were just buying time and wanted us to leave the premises.
They put my entire family at risk in so many ways. By sending us on our way with bald tires, having only fixed 1 of them. By leaving us stranded on the side of the highway for hours without any regard for any of our well being. The tire company had at least asked if we were safe, El Monte did not.
If they had just told us from the beginning that they couldn’t offer us any help, we could have made arrangements to be home a lot sooner than we were. Instead they had no regard for our time or safety.
No other compensation. No apologies. Still paid full price for the trip. I think that is extremely unacceptable.
I will obviously never use them again, and will be sure that anyone I know will not use them either. I only hope my reviews will keep people informed so no other families are put at risk of a serious accident, or being stranded in the middle of nowhere, during a desert summer.

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