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I purchased an electric fireplace/stove (model number DFS-750-1, serial number SBN002531, order number 83716) from ElectricFireplacesDirect.com on 11/05/2010. It arrived on 11/09/2010.

We plugged it in and enjoyed the fireplace for about 5 days before the motor quit giving out heat. I called the seller back and was advised to call the manufacturer for troubleshooting. I called the manufacturer which suggested that the motor may have been defective and that they will send me a motor replacement. At that time I raised my concerns about replacing a motor as no one in my family was an electrician but they assured me it was an easy thing to do. New motor arrived in about 2 weeks after my call, meanwhile we had no source of heat we had hoped for.

When the motor arrived I looked at instructions and realized that I ( and everyone else in my family) was unable to take the old motor out and replace it with new one as we simply are not experienced in this and would not want to jeopardize our house by using possibly faulty electric stove.

I called back the seller explaining this to them which in case referred me back to manufacturer. Manufacturer then referred me back to seller and I had to call back and forth for about a month until manufacturer finally sent fireplace replacement.

It arrived about a week ago, meanwhile we had not source of heat we paid for during the last 2, 5 months.

Well, this replacement electric stove started doing exactly the same thing: the motor/heat would come on for about 10 seconds when first turned on and then it would shut off producing no heat. Tired of dealing with faulty product I called ElectricFireplacesDirect explaining that we are not happy with this stove and would like to get our money back.

Customer service rep Cathy said that since the stove was purchased back in November there is nothing they can do about it as they refund policy is 14 days. Well, this a NEW fireplace that I received just a week ago and I do not want to go through the whole ordeal again. I offered to send both fireplaces back to them and she refused saying it’s not their policy again and suggested I call the manufacturer again. Well, it’s been *** calling back and forth and meanwhile we have a stove we paid for ($149.99) that does not work.

I would like to get my money back and purchase something that is more reliable.

Also, their website have TONS of customers testimonials on it but I couldn’t find a way to leave my own testimonial. Are the scanning customers reviews and choose the favorable ones only?

Please, look into this. We’ve paid a good amount of money for this stove so that our family has a source of heat in this cold winter. Right now we feel like we’ve been robbed of our money and this company caused us an enormous amount of heartache due to their unfair practices.

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